Sevilla & Rebekah sittin in a tree...

It’s 11pm and the house is peacefully quiet. I lay on the couch and find myself recounting the busy sounds of a city now far from me. I miss you, Seville.

letsgosomewheree said: Hi! I'm studying abroad in Sevilla this summer and was wondering if you have any advice?

Hi!! Oh man…my advice is this: DON’T WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE TO DO EVERYTHING! I kept pushing things off saying, “I have plenty of time, I’ll buy that/go to that cafe/ go to that event later.” Because of that, I ended up missing out on a futbol game, bull fight, and I never went to many of the restaurants/cafes that I wanted to go to because I ran out of time. My “free time” at the end of the semester was spent on writing final papers and studying for exams. :( 

My other advice is this: if you ever need random things (qtips, snacks, new cell phone charger, extra suitcase for souvenirs, etc, etc) GO TO A CHINO STORE (they’re everywhere, usually called ‘Bazaar’)! They have almost everything you need for really low prices!

Go get ice cream at Rayas right off of Calle Reyes Católicos/C.San Pablo. And then go get more ice cream at Marscapone (there’s a lot of ‘em)!

Also, if the program you’re going with offers a Black Berry cell phone deal, then get one! I wasn’t going to, but it ended up being very very useful in communication with friends in Sevilla. 

Lastly, Barclays bank doesn’t charge a service fee to draw out money from the ATM! I always went to the one on C.Pages del Corro, but there are a few others around town. 

I’m so so excited for you, you’re going to have a wonderful time!! 

Me ha robado mi corazón, Sevilla <3

My travel day back home consisted of decent airplane food and a whirlwind of emotions: joyful —> melancholy —> excited —> depressed —> *wah, wah, wah* —> and finally, an overwhelming sense of appreciation for the last 3.5 months of my life. 

It feels as if a 16mm film camera has been shoved in my head and is continuously playing a reel of every Sevillano memory possible: my walks to and from school, late night shenanigans with friends, Paquita singing out loud & yelling at the TV, the obnoxious [but sometimes sweet] piropos (catcalls), relaxing by the river, the sea of flamenco dresses at Feria, hearing the most beautiful language 24 hours a day…

It’s a comfort to be back home with my parents and my ol’ dog. My mattress has never felt better, the forest tree air has never smelled sweeter, and home-cooked Mexican food has never tasted so delicious.  

But — Seville, you have stolen my heart. 

 ♥ I’ll continue to post pictures every now and again ♥

Paquita’s paella <3

Nervión street art

Nervión street art

I went there!
Madrid flea market

I went there!

Madrid flea market

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Friend appreciation post #2

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